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  1. Notice of registration issued under section 15 of the Companies Act 2016;
  2. The constitution of the company, if any;
  3. Certificates given under the Companies Act 2016 or corresponding previous written law, if any ;
  4. All registers, books, records and documents as required under Companies Act 2016 ;
  5. Minutes of all meetings of members and resolutions of members ;
  6. Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of the board and committees of the Board;
  7. Copies of all written communications to all members or all holders of the same class of shares;
  8. Copies of all financial statements and group financial statements;
  9. the accounting records of the company required under section 245 Companies Act 2016;
  10. Copies of all instruments creating or evidencing charges as required under section 357 of the Companies Act 2016; and
  11. Such other documents required to be kept by the Registrar

Remark: Except document referred in (f), any document mentioned earlier may be kept at a place other than at the registered office of a company provided notice to that effect has been given to the Registrar within 14 days from the date of such change.