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Notice for Payroll Personnel

By March 30, 2020 July 7th, 2020 No Comments


我国人力资源部 已批准并允许2名相关部门人员在31/3/2020(星期二)或1/4/2020(星期三)返回公司工作一天,以为公司职工准备工资。

雇主必须为上述事务之执行者准备Surat Pelepasan (通行信)并全程随身携带。任何违例者将可会被罚款达RM1,000。

相關Surat Pelepasan範例請參考附件。


All Human Resource and payroll related personnel, please take note:

 Ministry of Human Resource (MOHR) has granted and allowed 2 personnel to return to office for 1 day, either on 31/3/2020 (Tuesday) or 1/4/2020 (Wednesday) to prepare payroll for the employees of the company.

Employers are required to prepare a ‘Surat Pelepasan’ for you and you’re required to carry the letter with you throughout your journey from your home to office & vice versa.  Failure to have a ‘Surat Pelepasan’ during a police road block may land you a potential fine of RM1,000.

Attached herewith the Sample of ‘Surat Pelepasan’ for your kind perusal.


Sample Letter for Pelepasan