Who we are

Who we are
ASQ Consulting Group (ASQ) is a group of business enhancement professionals and advisers engaged in all aspects of business support services.

Mission and Objectives
Our mission is to provide seamless services for all our clients’ professional needs. We strive to provide personal services in a professional manner that add value to our clients.

  • To provide high quality proactive advice

  • To meet your needs and expectations

  • And to enrich your business

Over the last 30 years, ASQ has provided strategic thinking and expert advice in the fields of taxation, auditing, accounting and in business and corporate management.

Today, many of our clients look to us as a close business confidant, thanks to our entrepreneurial approach as well as our team of warm, personable professionals. We have earned their trust because we are well-versed in their needs and requests, delivering our services promptly and adding value to their business.

These qualities have significantly enhanced the business performance of our clients. We also believe in going the extra mile to help them in any way we can, which gives them the peace of mind and confidence that ASQ stands for more than just alphabets and numbers.

At ASQ, we strive to be the preferred Chartered Accountant and Business and Corporate Consultancy firm providing customised and relevant financial solutions to small and medium enterprises. We aim to be strategic partners with business owners by helping clients to create and preserve wealth through focusing on three pillars that forms the foundation of our work and approach.

  • Clients Come First

    We strive to work as closely as possible with our clients to understand and identify business and financial needs, as well as business opportunities and threats. Here, our clients are our priority and we believe that through having a shared vision with our clients, we enrich client’s business and exceed client expectations.

  • Business Efficiency

    We aim to achieve high standards of business efficiency by maintaining a systematic business workflow to continually produce only the highest quality of work for our clients. High quality levels are maintained throughout our entire business workflow in our focus to recruit, develop and retain only the best financial services professionals.

  • Professional Ethics, Trust and Integrity

    We endeavour to observe the highest ethical standards of professionalism, trust and integrity expected of the financial and business support services industry. In doing so, we will create the right values for our various stakeholders, including our clients, employees and the society within which we operate.

    Ultimately, our three pillars will serve the core reason of our business: To unlock, Enhance and Maximise Shareholders value.

Our Commitment To You
We understand that each business has different needs. At ASQ, our priority is to build relationships with you, our clients, to a personal level in order to help us to better meet your needs, whilst maintaining our professionalism. This helps us to work proactively for you, our clients, to seek new opportunities and effectively maintain your trust, not only for our professionalism and accountability with our work, but to trust us for the results we produce.

We are committed to provide our clients with the best business professional expectations and ultimately, enrich our clients’ business.


The Firm
ASQ is a leading group of Professional Accountants and Business Advisors with a business history of over 30 years.

Embracing the advent of business technology and modernisation of the nation, coupled with increasing market demand for quality business advisors, the firm expanded rapidly in the 1990s. The firm has since become a progressive and well established firm of professional Chartered Accountants.

Today the firm is one of the leading provider of Assurance, Taxation and Corporate and Business Advisory Services to a wide variety of companies, locally and regionally.

Our Approach
We emphasize on an integrated team approach with experts in various specialisations sharing the same vision and values to provide top quality services for our clients.

This is especially helpful in instances where certain issues do not fit neatly into any one single area of finance or business advisory service. As such the combination of various practice areas will provide the necessary breadth to ensure that all relevant business aspects are addressed.

Our People
Our teams of professionals have an exceptionally broad range of specialist skills and corporate experience as well as the energy and imagination important to business. With one of our key commitments being the ability to attract, motivate and retain quality talent, this ensures that professionals of only the highest calibre are recruited to maintain our high standard.

ASQ’s employee – development program also helps to ensure that the knowledge and skills of our staff are up to date, in order to maintain a consistent quality of service for our clients.

Value-added Services
New happenings and updates in business trends and regulatory compliance and rules are made known to our clients in order to keep them abreast of relevant legislative developments. Thorough reviews of assignments are also done to ensure quality is met to add value to our clients business. We actively seek new ideas as the market evolves to identify opportunities to broaden our client’s range of business and gain access to a wide network of advisers through our professional network with international member firms through our membership of Allinial Global. We can also make introductions to other professional advisers.

SQM City Square

The Group

The firm is headed by the Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chong Chai Choo, Joe, and the Group Chief Operating Officer, Miss Teoh Siew Hoon.

They are supported by a team of experienced qualified and competent professionals and professional staff comprising

Nine (9) Partners

Four (4) Principals

Fifteen (15) Managers

Ten (10) Supervisors

Ninety Two (92) Professional Staffs

Twenty One (21) Administrative Staffs

The Staff

The compositions of the professional staff are as follows :

MICPA, CAANZ, ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA, CPAA, MIA, CTIM, ICSA, Professional Graduates, Trainees – Graduates and Non Graduates

The Team – ASQ Consulting Group

ASQ Tax Services Sdn Bhd, Company No. 427833K

Head of Tax Services Catherine Kok

ASQ Secretarial Services Sdn Bhd, Company No. 532332P

Head of Corporate Secretarial Advisory Fui Liang Tan

ASQ Consultants Sdn Bhd, Company No. 449072K

Head of Corporate and Business Management Ng Kim Teck

You can read our team’s profile in our Corporate Profile.